About us

      Green Environment Group ( hereinafter referred to as the "Group" ) was established in 1984 , more than 200 employees, including professional and technical personnel accounting for 30 %, with senior technical titles backbone of more than 30 people ; mainly engaged in engineering and wastewater construction , wastewater treatment plant investment and operations, hazardous solid waste disposal and landfill , central heating and sludge incineration , environmental monitoring, industrial water production and supply business.

      Group has five wholly owned subsidiaries , namely, cutting-edge environmental monitoring , Ltd. Jiangsu Zhangjiagang City Qingyuan Water Treatment Co. , Ltd. Zhangjiagang City water springs , Zhangjiagang City gerui Industrial Solid Waste Disposal Ltd. , Zhangjiagang City together energy development Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu environmental protection industry has a certain reputation and influence, with annual sales over one hundred million .

      With the implementation of the national " resource-saving and environment-friendly society " development strategy , the Group has ushered in a new development opportunity. Future Group will be adhering to the " quality, integrity , technology and innovation" , based on energy-saving and environmental protection, is committed to scientific development, quality service to win customers' trust and respect, for the construction of the domestic first-class environmental protection enterprises and efforts to protect the ecological environment , building green homes contribute their efforts.

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