About us
      Time flies, time, accompanied by changes in turn the world upside down China, Green from a small start-up company 84 years of development to today's own brand, have a certain size, a certain industry position and market influence of the modern enterprise group.

      Look back through the road, we have experienced the joy of success, but also encountered a setback, but in the management development process, brand has always been adhering to the "quality of survival, in good faith to customer, to science and technology, innovation and development" spirit of enterprise, to implement the "people-oriented, science and technology the lead, the user first" business philosophy, carry out the state at the present stage, strongly support the environmental protection industry construction, improve the level of macro policy environment, to protect the ecological environment, building green homes as their responsibility, to achieve the dual to improve the economic benefit and social benefit as the goal, all the staff is diligent, hardworking and enterprising, to promote the healthy development of the environmental protection industry has made its own contribution. The company under the Jiangsu new environmental monitoring limited, Gerui industrial solid waste disposal Co. Ltd., joint Energy Developments Ltd, Qingyuan Water Treatment Co. Ltd. And spring water treatment Co., Ltd., 5 enterprises, in the production and supply, environmental monitoring, wastewater engineering design and construction, solid waste disposal and landfill, sewage treatment plant investment and operating, industrial water formed the development pattern of integration, and to the sludge incineration and regional central heating and other areas of development, the future we will offer our customers more, better quality products and services.

      Carved secret agents, we stand on solid ground; mind the world, we shall. Facing the future, we have only one goal: through its own strength and contribution to society, creating Chinese environmental protection industry leader with "integrity and quality", let Gerui brand reputation!

      We are convinced that: mature brand will be more robust pace, with a sense of urgency, the top of the Time will not wait for me. Mission in the environmental protection industry to step forward. Uphold the integrity, open concept, Grieg is willing to join hands with you, create more glorious and resplendent tomorrow.
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