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      Zhangjiagang Heli Energy Developments Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the force") is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiang Le Yu Town Green Industrial Park, mainly for industrial zone supporting the supply of steam, the steam supply capacity of 95 tons / hour.

      Since force companies adhering to the "enterprise development, environmental protection first, comprehensive utilization, energy-saving emission reduction" development philosophy, and constantly open up, to seek new development area. For Protect environment, proper treatment of organic sewage sludge, 15000000 investment in the construction of fluidized bed boiler for burning force companies funded in 2012, general solid waste. 2013 official use, the existing capacity of incineration of sludge from wastewater treatment plant processing 40000 tons / year (80% moisture content), in order to regulate the disposal of sludge, the protection of local ecological environment to make the contribution.

      Future, the company will continue to actively explore the resultant force, investment in other environmental protection projects, such as waste water treatment of inorganic sludge comprehensive utilization, committed to force the company to create environment-friendly enterprises.

Company name: Zhangjiagang Heli Energy Developments Ltd

Business address: Zhangjiagang City, the Yangtze River Road, Riverside Le Yu Town Green Industrial Park

Contact person: Mr. Liu Lanya (director)

Tel: 0512-58961859

Mobile phone: 13962282637
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